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Cities have existed for almost as long as humans have, and the best city breaks provide a pleasing look at a wide array of humanity and culture. Though natural beauty can and does coexist with people in urban spaces, you likely aren’t going to New York City just to see Central Park. Culture is center stage here and in cities across the world, offering up food, art, theater, dance, music, architecture, literary heritage, history, as well as a lot of other people. Travel + Leisure’s writers and editors have explored cities across the world, looking for new experiences and reaffirming old, seeking out the best values and ultimate luxuries, the most moving artworks and the most drool worthy dishes.City Weekends AwayCity weekends away provide visitors with the perfect amount of time to take in a new place. Catch a show one night, snag an enviable dinner reservation the other. Explore museums and parks and markets during the day. Walk.Many North American cities beckon weekend visitors: the French-inflected streets of Montreal or New Orleans, the mouthwatering cuisine of Charleston or Mexico City, the cool blue water of Austin’s Barton Springs, the lights (and gambling) of Vegas, the promise of movie stars—and delicious tacos—in LA, the photogenic streetscapes of Art Deco Miami Beach, the precise coffee of Seattle, and the craft breweries of Portland, Maine.Farther flung cities reward longer visits: the souks and spas of Marrakesh, Delhi’s wealth of Mughal architecture, Cape Town’s political history and natural wonders, Tokyo’s temples and karaoke bars, the tango-infused brew of Buenos Aires.European City DestinationsEuropean city breaks offer their own extraordinary concentration of art, food, history, and culture. And because European cities are so close to one another, its relatively easy to move between them. Experience the Modernista architecture and late night meals of Barcelona, Paris’s equally iconic monuments and bakeries, Rome’s layer cake of history, Copenhagen’s world-class restaurants, or even London’s renowned theater productuons.Whether you are particularly interested in cities with great art or food, a melodious language, or a beautiful streetscape, T+L can help you navigate the maze of options.

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The Best Hikes in San Diego Have Stunning Coastal Cliffs, Waterfalls, and Even Views of Mexico

Breaking news: Hiking is the new yoga, and we’ve got stats to prove it. According to Merrell, the No. 1 outdoor rugged footwear brand in the world, participation in hiking is up 22.5% since 2014. And hiking is the fourth most popular outdoor activity in the U.S. with 45 million annual participants. So if you’ve resolved to hike more this year, you’re extremely on-trend, because hiking is officially in vogue. One of the (many) reasons for the popularity surge is that hiking, just like yoga, is actually proven to reduce your stress levels. Research conducted at Chiba University in Japan revealed that a 15-minute walk in the woods reduces cortisol (a stress hormone) levels by 16% and blood pressure by 2%. Whether you’re hoping to unwind in the woods or you’re looking to stay active on vacation, seeking out great hikes can continually motivate you to #optoutside. If you’re planning a trip to southern California, or you live in the San Diego area, now’s the time to be scouting new hiking trails. California has such a wealth of terrain, and the best hikes of San Diego prove that the perpetually sunny city has something for everyone. From paved walking paths right by the beach to peaks Cheryl Strayed tackled in Wild, here are the top San Diego hikes.