For those of us who long for the golden days of airplane travel—whenboarding a plane was inherently luxurious in its exoticism, travelersdressed for the occasion and, most importantly, checked their badmanners at the cockpit door—but aren’t necessarily interested incensuring modern decorum-challenged travelers too forwardly, pardonMOIto the rescue.

This webshop specializes in calling cards with wittyphrases (from the “Ice Breaker” edition: “We’ve been eyeing each otherfor too long. Care to try it by candlelight?” to the “Unzipped”edition: “I couldn’t help but notice that you have food in your teeth.You look delicious enough on your own.”) to hand out in potentially awkward or uncomfortable confrontations.

The most excitingedition, for travelers, is called “Mind Your Business Class.” With 14 cards that address all manners of mile-high disturbance, it features cards with phrases like: “I couldn’t help but notice that your group istoo loud. I don’t mind myself, but we’ve been getting complaints fromother planes.

So, get some peace and quiet while preventing apossible in-air scuffle, and maybe even elicit a giggle or two fromyour would-be adversary? Reason enough to load up on these wallet-sizedwonders.

Sarah Storms is an editorial intern at Travel + Leisure.