Legendary French chef Michel Roux was the first high-profile gastro-genius to take to the high seas, aboard Celebrity Cruises in 1989. The latest batch of culinary artists to set sail are making "Bon appétit!" (not "Bon voyage!") the departure words of choice.

SHIPMATE Nobu Matsuhisa, Silk Road and the Sushi Bar, Crystal Serenity (
LAND TRIUMPH Matsuhisa's raw fish wonders and innovative European-Peruvian-Japanese creations have turned his original restaurant into a global dynasty.
SIGNATURE DISH Black cod with miso.

SHIPMATE Todd English, Todd English restaurant, Queen Mary 2 (
LAND TRIUMPH His flashy Med flavors have made his Olives chain a hit. He's not bad-looking, either.
SIGNATURE DISH Seafood paella.

SHIPMATE Jacques Pepin, Culinary Director, Oceania Cruises (
LAND TRIUMPH The author and master chef has been employed as the gastronomic go-to guy for three French heads of state, including Charles de Gaulle.
SIGNATURE DISH Macadamia nut-crusted mahimahi.
—Kevin Raub