Was it Rachael Zoe, the celebrity stylist on Bravo TV, who said “I die for Chanel"? Seems the allure of the double C’s has no end and this year with two movies about Madame Coco’s life it has fanned the fire even more. Not that it needed any fanning.

In the inexhaustible pursuit of keeping the brand relevant, whimsical and inventive, Karl Lagerfeld has done everything from CC guitars, to CC surfboards. The latest collection of practical but chic bags and small accessories is called “COCO COCOON.”

The bags (a major splurge at $1,225) are made with quilted nylon so they are light and great for travel. Cocoon because they inspire the cozy, curled-up feeling of a puffy coat. The collection includes bowling bags, trollies, purses, pouches big and small. Some are even reversible.

This over the shoulder model makes a perfect carry on. You can stuff it with magazines, bottles of water and Trader Joe’s dried fruit—and still have room for your White + Warren cashmere wrap. The double C keeps a low profile on the leather below the strap for those who keep their luxury a secret.

Above: nylon/black; $1,225; available at select CHANEL Boutiques or (800) 550-0005.

Mimi Lombardo is the fashion director at Travel + Leisure.