Yves Durif Travels Across the Hall, and Around the World

Travel aficionados may typically flock to The Carlyle Hotel on New York’s Upper East Side for its handsome décor and impeccable service (elevator operators included). But this month, the big news is the renovated the third floor, where celebrity hair stylist Yves Durif has expanded his namesake salon.

Nearly double in size, the new salon features separate color and styling rooms, massage chairs, and a private room for celebrity clients. The clean and bright aesthetic was designed by Warren Red to create a modernized art deco feel, while the salon’s green philosophy enhances the atmosphere with odorless color treatments and low ammonia concentrations.

The renowned hotel setting is fitting for Yves, who holds travel high on his list of muses. “When I was 17, I would travel with only my scissors, a comb, and $500. That was all I needed to get by.” Today, Nepal is the locale driving his inspiration. He went last year on a two-week journey through Buddhist temples and untouched landscape. This year, he is heading back for another adventure to the Mustang region in the Himalayas.

Of course, the experienced traveler has developed some pretty handy hair-care travel tips:

  • Avoid gel or hairspray. These popular products can damage hair pressed against a headrest.
  • Use dry shampoo. When showers are scarce, clean greasy hair with dry shampoo or baby powder.
  • Pack hair lotion. Moisturize dry, frizzy hair with lotion. Yves recommends Phyto’s 7 or 9.
  • Fix with mist. Spray messy hair with water for a quick, easy fix.
  • Enjoy a hair massage. Loosen hair with a massage to undo unwanted bends.

Kelsi Borland and Jenneke Oostman are editorial interns at Travel + Leisure.