Yeah yeah, “there’s an app for that,” but is there really an application to replace a person?

It seems so thanks to a bevy of iPhone apps aimed to help golfers both at their home courses and while traveling. (Bad news for teenagers loafing around the country clubs and even worse news for expensive SkyCaddies and rangefinders.)

The Wind Meter application uses the iPhone’s microphone to determine winds up to 28 mph— sure beats holding a wet finger to the breeze. Everyone, it seems, is getting on board, from surfers to hunters, which may explain why the Wind Meter has remained in the top 10 weather apps for the past 6 months. And at just 99 cents, the program is much more affordable than hiring a caddy.

IGolfRules costs just $9.99 and allows golfers to search and access every golf rule in the book including the updates through 2011. The application comes compete with animated segments to clear up sticky situations.

Round out the iCaddy suite with the AirVue application ($9.99). The award-winning softwear uses the iPhone’s GPS system to give yardages to the front, middle, and center of the green in addition to the distance to hazards. The app also tracks scores and statistics (green in regulation, number of putts, etc) for a whole foursome. The application’s database is has over 10,000 courses but specific requests can be mapped in as little as seven days.

So for $21, it looks like you can have a pocket caddy for life, though your iPhone won’t carry your clubs…yet.

Charlotte Savino is the online listings editor at Travel + Leisure.