Caesars Palace in Las Vegas has created Garden of the Gods, a “pool oasis” featuring 8 separate pool “experiences,” slated to open on March 19. The eight pools have differences (some serene, others designated for mingling with other gods) and similarities (cabanas, chaises, and, you know, chlorinated water), but a couple really stand out:

  • Pictured above, the Fortuna Pool features a bar and a swim-up blackjack table. Where does one stow one's chips?
  • The Temple Pool is designated for families, but was clearly designed by someone childless: “young swimmers-in-training…play on the steps” around the pool’s perimeter. Wet steps! Perhaps one of the pool attendants is trained in tending the wounds of the children of the gods.
  • The Bacchus Pool, elevated above the others like Mount Olympus, is invitation-only. No nose-plugs.

Above: the Apollo Pool, for sunbathing

There's always room for another cool pool out in the desert. Caesar Palace is offering initial pool-and-room packages from $110 a night, so grab your terry toga and get to Las Vegas.

For more information or to book, visit the Garden of the Gods.

Ann Shields is the online senior editor at Travel + Leisure.