With several high-tech screening tools on the horizon, endless airport security lines could soon be a thing of the past. According to Craig Bradbrook, director of security and facilitation for Airports Council International, two advances that are likely to reduce the hassle in the next couple of years include:
Guy Billout Airport Security
| Credit: Guy Billout

Machine-readable electronic passports with biometric details, such as iris scans

These are arguably the swiftest and best way of proving identity, since they offer unprecedented accuracy and are virtually fraudproof. More than 30 nations are in the process of adopting e-passports, which use built-in computer chips to store the same data found on the photo pages of current passports.

Walk-through detectors that use electromagnetic technology

The faster, more precise alternative to a metal detector scans travelers for prohibited items in seconds. Its technology uses electromagnetic waves (much like an MRI) to spot foreign objects. Already used in countries such as Japan, Spain, and the United Kingdom, they’re now being rolled out at U.S. airports including New York’s JFK International Airport and Los Angeles’s LAX.