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Forget the airplane flick—Now you can rent your own DVD

When you're flying 15 hours a week, chances are pretty good that you've already seen the movie being shown on your flight. Now InMotion Pictures has come to the rescue. For two years, they've been renting DVD's and portable DVD players to lucky travelers flying through Minneapolis—St. Paul and Portland, Oregon. In the past year and a half, they've expanded to airports across the country, including Seattle, Denver, and Atlanta; soon they'll open at New York La Guardia, Orlando, and San Francisco. Once you apply online for membership, just swing by the airport kiosk and choose from a selection of 200 movies, including new releases. If there's an InMotion kiosk at your destination, you can return the DVD and player there; otherwise, drop them off on your return trip. The cost is $10 a day, which includes a portable player with headset and one DVD for each day you're away. 877/383-8646;
—Hillary Geronemus

  • WHAT IT IS: A combination sleeping mask and pillow that comes in three colors plus denim, corduroy, and a furry leopard print. The creators boldly claim it's as revolutionary as the wheel and the hula hoop. Yeah, right.
  • PACKABILITY: Too bulky for your average carry-on bag.
  • PLUSES: It makes a fine seat cushion. And I guess the padding came in handy when my head bobbed and hit the window.
  • MINUSES: Light leaked in under the eyeshades. My scalp got hot. The pillow section is thin and didn't fully cover my neck, so it was virtually useless. Worst of all, I looked like a complete fool.
  • VERDICT: I'll stick with the tiny plane pillow and the giveawayeyeshades I scored in Virgin Atlantic's Upper Class.
  • COST: $29.95, plus $4.95 shipping and handling. To order, call 888/918-5630, or go to
  • —Laura Begley
  • BEST BUSINESS HOTELS: The recently renovated Portman Ritz-Carlton Shanghai (Shanghai Centre, 1376 Nanjing W. Rd.; 86-21/6279-8888, fax 86-21/6279-8800; doubles from $250), or the Grand Hyatt, for sky-high views from the 88th floor of the Jin Mao Tower (88 Century Blvd., Pudong; 86-21/5049-1234, fax 86-21/5049-1111; doubles from $175).
  • EXPENSE-ACCOUNT RESTAURANT: M on the Bund, Shanghai's swankiest boîte, which serves both local and international dishes (7/F, 20 Guangdong Rd.; 86-21/6350-9988; dinner for two $75).
  • CAR SERVICE OF CHOICE: Shanghai Jinjiang Auto Service Co. (86-21/6258-4584; from $72 a day).
  • IF YOU FORGOT TO PACK A SCARF OR TIE: Head either to Isetan (1038 Nanjing Xi Rd.; 86-21/6272-1111) or Jinjiang Dickson Centre (400 Changle Rd.; 86-21/6472-6888); both stock a wide range of Western brands.
  • IF YOU HAVE A FREE AFTERNOON: See at least some of the world-class Chinese collection (especially the bronzes) at the Shanghai Museum (201 Renmin Da Dao; 86-21/6372-3500; admission $3).
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  • —David Kaufman

Hotel-room safes are so passé. Why not tuck your cash into a bathroom shower rod, your coat's lining, or a padded bra?Jerome Schneider, author of The Complete Guide to Offshore Money Havens, has all the advice you need in his latest ode to currency concealment, Hiding Your Money (Prima Publishing). This earnest but entertaining guide is packed with travel tips ("If you've remembered to bring a small screwdriver, you can easily remove the outlet covers in your hotel room and stash valuables behind them") so you'll always be sure nobody knows exactly how much you're worth.
—Kristine Ziwica