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Sometimes corporate travel means heading out to buzzing metropoli—Beijing, Frankfurt, Dubai, São Paulo, Las Vegas, Sydney, Singapore, Paris, Amsterdam, Toronto, London. Sometimes it means smaller, more regional destinations—Tulsa, Oklahoma; Albany, New York. Whether you are flying to Cleveland or Cairo, business travel is only as tedious, or exciting, as you make it. Travel + Leisure's inventive insider tips help discerning business travelers find engaging activities and special experiences wherever work takes them.

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Even people who love to travel can find themselves homesick if they're constantly on the road for work — especially in the face of snags like airport delays or the seemingly endless packing or unpacking. Or they might just start to miss the comforts of home — the people, the scents, the flavors. Luckily, there are more ways than ever to make many of those things portable. Business travelers also place a premium on things that make their trips feel easier, more luxurious, or more fun, so gifts like multitasking bags and elevated wardrobe staples will win big. Once you peruse the inspiration below, make sure to check out the rest of Travel + Leisure's 2019 gift guide, where you'll find creative and thoughtful ideas for anyone on your list — from the always stressed to the royal-obsessed.

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