By Cailey Rizzo
November 04, 2016
Getty Images

The trains in Spain will soon stay mainly in the Wi-Fi lane.

Starting next month, Renfe high-speed trains across Spain will start implementing Wi-Fi service.

Beginning December 5, the route between Madrid and Seville will provide Wi-Fi access to passengers, according to The Local. By the end of 2017, all 89 high-speed trains in Spain will have Wi-Fi on board. The trains currently service five of Spain’s major cities, Madrid, Seville, Malaga, Barcelona, and Valencia.

A 20MB service will be free to passengers traveling with +Renfe, the train system’s loyalty program, which is free to sign up for. A higher-speed connection will be free for those traveling in “Preferente” (first) class while those in the back of the train will have to pay €4 ($4.45) to connect.

Passengers will also be able to stream movies and TV shows through the satellite connection by purchasing a Movistar package.

Free Wi-Fi aboard high-speed trains is still fairly uncommon in Europe. On the European trains that offer onboard Wi-Fi, it is generally only a free service for first class. The Eurostar, which connects London and Paris, has free Wi-Fi available for all classes onboard, although the connection is spotty in some parts of the route.

The Spanish government has been investing lots in the country’s high-speed rail system recently. This year alone, Renfe added over 600 miles of track to expand high-speed service to eight more Spanish cities, including Zamora and León.