Large dogs must have their own ticket (at a reduced price, of course).
Subway dog
Credit: Chris Maddaloni/CQ-Roll Call

Parisians have long been known for coddling their pups. It's not a surprising sight to see a café-goer feeding their pooch directly from the table, or even straight from their own fork.

And now Parisian dogs have even more free reign to do as their owners do.

Large dogs can now travel on the metro and other Parisian forms of public transportation — as long as they have their own ticket, the Local reported.

RATP, the public transportation service in Paris responsible for the subway, RER commuter trains, and buses, relaxed its rules on dogs accompanying their owners. The rule used to forbid any dog "larger than a box" from traveling on the metro or the buses (the RER rules were slightly different).

Now large Parisian pooches can take any form of public transportation, as long as they have their own ticket (sold at a reduced price). Service dogs will continue to travel for free, according to local newspaper Le Parisien.

While the rule is a recent development, Parisians have long been taking their dogs on public transportation, including a few that appear to be larger than an average box.