Fjam Railway Norway
Credit: JTB Photo / Contributor

If spending a couple of minutes watching the Norwegian landscape pass you by while riding along the world's steepest railways sounds like your kind of mental vacation, you're in luck. Expedia released a 360-degree peek at what a trip on Norway's Flåm railroad would look like.

The route maintains a 5.5-percent gradient throughout 80 percent of the total ride. The entire trip will only take you an hour (and the virtual journey less than that), but it delivers you from ocean level to 867 meters higher to the mountaintop on Hardangervida. This kind of journey makes it easy to see some of Norway's most diverse natural landscapes.

The trip starts out at Myrdal Station and brings you through 20.2-kilometers of tunnels, stations, and stunning scenery. The video (and the actual train ride) ends in Aurland, Norway at the Flåm Station, after around 44 minutes of virtual riding. Check it out: