Fantasy-filled New Mexico Train Experience Offers Stargazing, Theater Performances, and More

The Sky Railway offers riders adventure train experiences between Santa Fe and Lamy.

New Mexico's Sky Railway train painted in night sky motif
Photo: Julie Mowrey

When the Santa Fe Southern Railway shut down in 2012, it was one year after novelist and screenwriter George R. R. Martin's Game of Thrones premiered on HBO. Eight years later, the famous Santa Fe resident found himself involved in reviving the historic rail line, turning it into a fantasy-filled adventure ride. The project finally came to fruition, with the debut of Sky Railway in December 2021.

The last Santa Fe project Martin put his name (and money) behind was the uber-successful immersive art experience "House of Eternal Return" at Meow Wolf (he also owns the historic and eclectic Jean Cocteau Cinema near the Santa Fe Railyard). So, when he joined with other local entrepreneurs and artists (including author Douglas Preston, National Dance Institute of New Mexico cofounder Catherine Oppenheimer, artist Gary Oakley, and Bill Banowsky, who owns Violet Crown Cinema in the Santa Fe Railyard) to reimagine and revive the 18-mile rail spur established in 1880 between Santa Fe and Lamy, it was clear this would be no ordinary train.

Elderly person waves out of the window of New Mexico's Sky Railway train painted in night sky motif
Courtesy of Sky Railway

"We aren't your average railway, far from it. For us, it isn't about taking folks from point A to point B, it's about transporting them to another time and reality," says Martin. "Sky Railway adventures are one-of-a-kind immersive experiences, and we're teeming with ideas for all sorts of exciting outings."

True to his word, after repairing the tracks and bridges along the line and restoring the two passenger trains, the railway launched in 2021 with several adventures on offer, including Pablo's Holiday Train, which has Santa on board; the Flamenco y Rioja, which involves Flamenco music and dancing paired with a wine tasting from the Rioja region of Spain; Sunset Serenade, with cocktails and live music; and the Stargazer, which includes an after-dark stop at the Galisteo Basin to view the gorgeous New Mexico night sky.

New Mexico's Sky Railway train painted in night sky motif
Julie Mowrey

Santa Fe muralist Joerael Numina fantastically painted Sky Railway's two passenger trains, each paying homage to Martin's stories. While train operators have traditionally regarded graffiti artists as nuisances, Sky Railway is embracing the art form, with one painted as a dragon and the other a wolf.

New Mexico's Sky Railway interior passenger car with blue upholstery and intricately carved wood armrests
Julie Mowrey

Inside, nostalgia takes over, with each car — which dates back to the 1920s — having been painstakingly refurbished to capture the beauty and elegance of train travel in the golden era. The trains will make their way between Santa Fe and the small town of Lamy, while riders enjoy entertainers, music, dinner parties, cocktails, and more along the ride.

The rail line, first part of the Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railway, rolled into Santa Fe for the first time in 1880, 32 years before New Mexico became a state. In 1991, the new owner announced it would close the 18-mile spur between Lamy and Santa Fe, so Santa Fe Southern Railway formed to purchase the line and ran regular excursions until 2012 when it ran out of money.

The Santa Fe Railyard, where Sky Railways' Santa Fe depot can be found (and also where the commuter train to Albuquerque arrives and departs), has become one of the city's burgeoning districts. It's been the home of the Santa Fe Farmers Market since the 1990s and is also where art museum Site Santa Fe is located.

In addition to housing the ticket office and souvenir shop of Sky Railway, there are also several restaurants and shops, including Altar Spirits Distillery, Second Street Brewery, Built Design home store, La Lecheria ice cream shop, local favorite Opuntia Café, and more.

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