A New Low-cost Train Service Is Coming to the UK — and It Will Connect London to Edinburgh for $20

The new train service will first launch with trips between London and Edinburgh.

Fans of train travel have had lots to celebrate in recent years. Luxury sleeper trains are in the works for top European destinations, Egypt will debut its first-ever high-speed train line within the next two years, and Amtrak is getting a new fleet of high-speed, low-carbon trains.

For those looking to explore the U.K., there's more good news: A new low-cost electric rail service is launching next month.

Designed with both affordability and sustainability in mind, the new company, called Lumo, will make its debut with train service between London and Edinburgh. Ticket prices will start from £14.90 (about $20.50), and travelers can expect to spend about four and a half hours on the journey from one city center to the next. Making its way up and down the East Coast Main Line, Lumo's electric, low-carbon trains will also make stops in Newcastle, Morpeth, and Stevenage along the way.

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"Traveling in the U.K. should not cost a fortune and it certainly shouldn't be the planet that pays," said Helen Wylde, managing director for Lumo, in a press release. "Whatever your preferred mode of transport, we are likely to be more affordable and kinder to the planet."

And Lumo is specifically taking aim at customers of budget airlines, which have gained popularity throughout the U.K. and Europe. The argument is not only based on the lower-carbon footprint of rail travel, but also in convenience as airports, unlike train stations, are rarely located in city centers and require additional planning to reach your final destination.

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But low-cost train travel doesn't mean missing out on any comforts. Lumo's seats, for example, are ergonomically designed to keep everyone comfortable on the long trip. Passengers can also expect simplified fares, complimentary Wi-Fi, and a new at-seat catering service.

"The reasons people choose different modes of travel are changing. People are now considering their impact on the environment very carefully," said Wylde. "They also expect better service and catering. Lumo is a new rail travel experience that is kinder to the planet and better value for passengers, while never compromising on service."

The London-to-Edinburgh train service will launch on Oct. 25, with frequency increasing over time to a maximum of 10 services per day by early next year. For more information, visit Lumo's official website.

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