By Stacey Leasca
June 27, 2017
Credit: Courtesy of All The Station UK

Geoff Marshall and Vicki Pipe love trains.

Both work teaching people about trains and railway travel in London. But now they’re taking their passion to the rails.

Credit: Courtesy of All The Station UK

The British couple is spending three months visiting all 2,563 train stations in England, Scotland and Wales. Working their way north from Cornwall to the Scottish Highlands, they are exploring everything from London’s huge international train stations to tiny regional stations.

The duo is about halfway through their journey. As they travel from station to station, they are producing video blogs about their travels. After they’ve visited every single station, they will release a feature-length documentary about the trip and Britain’s rail network. They will donate the documentary to the National Railway Museum and the London Transport Museum, for whom Pipe works.

“Within the next decade, changes to the rail network will be more pivotal than ever, and we want to capture this critical moment in Britain’s rail history, producing a snapshot of today’s railways for posterity,” they wrote on their website All The Stations.

Credit: Courtesy of All The Station UK

Although the trip’s rules don’t dictate that Pipe and Marshall must get out at every station, the train they are on must at least make a stop. At particularly interesting stations, they will get out for a quick tour. The couple is using a series of 14-day passes that allows for unlimited train travel through the country.

While traveling the country via rail, the duo said that they have met interesting people and learned even more about the country’s expansive train system.

"It has been an adventure," Pipe told CNN, "But other people can do this. That's the brilliant thing, we're only doing what other people themselves, using the transport network, would be able to do."