Great Dome Car is coming back to Amtrak for the fall.
Credit: Nan Zhong/Getty Images

The time for admiring fall foliage is right around the corner, and Amtrak will once again be rolling out its Great Dome Car for eager leaf peepers.

Through September 24, passengers riding on Amtrak’s Downeaster route, which includes stops running between Boston, Massachusetts, and Brunswick, Maine, can hop aboard one of the vintage cars at no extra charge.

Built in 1955, the Great Dome Cars are made for admiring nature, with an upper level with windows on all sides and even the roof. Riders can get panoramic views of the villages and coastlines along the route.

The vintage trains make appearances on both the Downeaster and the Adirondack routes each year. The latter extends from Albany to Montreal, cutting through the Adirondack Mountains.

amtrak great dome
Credit: Getty Images/Portland Press Herald

The Great Dome Car typically comes to the Adirondack route later in the year, toward the end of September. Last year marked the car's debut in Maine, offering riders views of historic towns and miles of beaches.

Although you can ride the Great Dome Car for the same price as regular service, it’s available on a first-come basis.

Passengers are encouraged to move through the cars — instead of claiming a seat in the car for the whole trip — to give others a chance to experience the scenery.