By Andrea Romano
June 13, 2019
Credit: Getty Images

Before you start wrapping yet another tie or tool kit, consider treating dad to a little trip this year for Father’s Day.

Amtrak is celebrating Father’s Day by giving dads (and their kids) 30 percent off on trips throughout the country. From June 13–17, all Amtrak customers can receive a discount for travel nationwide, as long as their trips fall between Aug. 1 and Nov. 7.

Consider it a gift that keeps on giving. Give your dad a nice card now and let him know you're going on an autumn adventure together. And you can still give him the tie.

"From New York City to D.C., to Chicago to Seattle, this offer provides a chance to get away and enjoy the changing scenery from coast to coast,” Amtrak President and CEO Richard Anderson said in a company statement. “With the chance to stretch out into miles of leg room while enjoying a good book with America as a backdrop, the journey can truly become the most important part of the adventure.”

Train travel during the fall can be an excellent way to get out and see the foliage. There are lots of routes across the country that are ideal for leaf peepers, so if your dad is a nature lover, a nice trip on a train may be the best gift he’s ever gotten.

Some fares, depending on your destination and departing city, can be as low as $22. Some of the best deals, according to Amtrak, include fares from Chicago to St. Louis for $22, Seattle to Portland for $25, Los Angeles to Sacramento for $49, Washington D.C. to Charleston for $69, New York to Atlanta for $112, and Boston to Chicago for $81.

Amtrak is also running other deals this month for fall travel, if you’re looking to save on some scenic trips.

For more information, or to book a ticket, visit the Amtrak website.