If Detroit is seeking to find the next craze in adventure travel, they are really missing the mark. The city commissioner, Don Austin, is thinking of charging visiting firefighters to spend the day doing what they do best: fight fires.

According to My Fox Detroit, the plan would be an extension of the city’s ride-along program, which has long been a main tourist attraction in Detroit. Firefighters from other towns, would get the opportunity to fight a real-life, big-city fire, for a small fee, of course. Risking one's life included.

Why would the city come up with such an idea? Recent budget cuts forced the fire department to layoff several men in uniform and even close a few rigs, and the city is hoping tourists can pick up the slack. For now, however, this is just an idea bouncing around on internal office memos, but maybe, just maybe, Detroit will be next year’s adventure travel hotspot?

Kelsi Maree Borland is an editorial intern at Travel + Leisure.

Photo courtesy of iStockphoto