Are the bunnies going Bollywood? The first Playboy Club of India—a 22,000-square-foot hotspot set along Candolim Beach in north Goa—will open this December. Fun Playboy Club trivia: It's the first Playboy Club ever on a beach, and plans are for seven more clubs to pop up around the nation over the next three years.

But hold onto your fluffy tail: Given the nation's tough rules regarding decency, there will be some big things missing from this new Playboy Club. Like, the corset-based bunny outfit. Or any nudity, for that matter.

If you didn't realize, you can't even buy a Playboy magazine in India, thanks to the obscenity laws that ban anything deemed "lascivious or appealing to prurient interests." The new club will have to follow (bunny)suit as well.

So will the new Playboy Club merely be some sort of fancy reading room with cocktails? We'll have to wait and see: Sanjay Gupta (not that Sanjay Gupta)—the chief executive of the company that has licensed the Playboy brand for India—has said the famous bunny get-up will be adapted for the more conservative local values. We imagine that will mean some Bollywood-style outfit, plus ears, rather than our preference: a full, Harvey-style, head-to-toe rabbit costume (c'mon, it would certainly be demure).