Upgrade to a Room with a View
Credit: Courtesy of easyHotel

A room with a view doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. As long as it isn’t technically real.

A super-budget international hotel chain called easyHotel is offering travelers a “fake view” in their rooms for an extra £1 a night at its Old Street Hotel in London's East End. The add-on is basically a window insert of some of London’s most famous landmarks, including a view of Tower Bridge or Buckingham Palace.

London’s expensive hotels can charge up to £10,000 a night or more for a view, so the hotel’s “upgrade” seems like a pretty good deal.

“Our customers’ cash stays in their wallets for an enjoyable visit rather than being literally thrown out the window,” said Jorge Rodriguez, night manager of easyHotel, in a statement. “The real experience of the capital is the experience on the streets, in the museums, restaurants and shops — not staring out of window.”

Pay for a Fake Hotel View
Credit: Courtesy of easyHotel

easyHotel’s room rates start at £19.99 per night. Guests who are interested in taking the hotel up on a room with a view don’t even have to request the upgrade in advance, but simply mention it when they check in.

You’ll be too busy exploring the real city to notice your budget room doesn’t actually look over the River Thames, but it’s nice to dream, anyway.