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Being able to afford a dream vacation isn’t easy, but there are plenty of crowdfunding sites out there that make it easy for aspiring travelers to ask everyone from their loved ones to kind strangers on the web for the funds to go on their trip.

By creating an account on these sites, anyone will be able to donate to your cause — which in this case could be a luxury honeymoon or a volunteer program abroad. The only caveat is, the following sites keep a small percentage of the money raised. But that’s not a bad deal if it gets you one step closer to that grand destination.


Instead of creating a wedding registry with items you probably don’t even need, why not ask guests to put that money towards your honeymoon? Through Honeyfund, couples can opt for exciting trips like an all-inclusive Caribbean resort to an Italian getaway, and there won’t be any added fees on top. If the love birds need immediate cash or want to cash out via PayPal, that’s the only time the site will require a payment of 2.8% + $0.30.

If you’re not about to get married, but still want to get away, visit Honeyfund’s sister site Plumfund. They promote all travel fundraisers from graduation trips to anyone spontaneously embarking on an adventure.

Fund My Travel

Volunteering, interning, studying, or doing something meaningful overseas? Sadly, it all comes at a price, but this is your chance to campaign and promote what you’re up to. The company believes it’s possible for anyone to make their travel dreams come true, so they’ll do what they can to get you noticed with a low 5 percent commission fee.


As they claim to be the world’s top site for free travel fundraising, you may have better luck getting exposure for your wanderlust here. There’s also the “GoFundMe guarantee,” which ensures you get a refund if anything goes wrong with your donation. Overall, it’s a trusted site also offering 24/7 customer service.


It’s a fast-growing platform that’s all about bringing people together for all good causes. If you have a mission trip or are raising money to volunteer in a place in need, this is where you should be. They’ve been recognized alongside Oprah for their charitable efforts, so there’s no questioning the brand’s mission.


You can upload photos, post updates, and blog directly on the site allowing you to make your story much more personal. Fundly also concluded that 40 percent of campaigns are being seen on phones, so they created an app that not only allows you to manage your campaign, but it automatically makes your profile mobile-friendly. Additionally, there’s no minimum amount you have to raise, all funds can be withdrawn within 24-48 hours of when the donation was made.


The idea is to make good things happen by being generous and just giving. Ask and you shall receive, right? Over 22 million have jumped on board to make success stories worldwide happen and you could be next.