The Most Affordable Spring Break Trips You Can Take This Year

We teamed up with Kayak to find the most inexpensive Spring Break locations for you, no matter when you may be taking off.

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Even if you're not in school, spring break is the perfect time to have some fun in the sun.

Spring break was quite possibly the best time of the year growing up. It was a chance to get away from homework, go outside, or even go on an adventure (especially for all the college students out there). While many people opted for a stay-cation, spring break was an amazing excuse to get on a plane and go somewhere sunny, beachy, and perfect for rest and relaxation.

As an adult, you can still tap into the fun and excitement of spring break (as long as your PTO allows it, that is). After a long and arduous winter, why not celebrate the new season with a short getaway that also fits your budget?

We teamed up with Kayak to find the most affordable spring break destinations for 2020. Between March and May, get in on these amazing deals for your much-needed vacation.

Some destinations have become even more popular in 2020. For instance, according to Kayak, searches for trips to Punta Gorda, Florida are up 41 percent since last year. Searches for Sarasota, Florida, and Burbank, California are also up 32 percent. Searches for trips in North Carolina, Texas, Nevada, and Tennessee are also showing a lot of interest for this year's spring breakers.

The best part, all of the cheapest spring break destinations, according to Kayak, are under $400. You can score an affordable fare to Orlando, Denver, Las Vegas, or even New York City. Take a look at some of the trendiest and cheapest spring break destinations for 2020, and maybe you'll get inspired to book a trip.

Fares listed are median prices only. Actual fares may vary when you book.

Under $400

Destin, Florida: $374

Under $350

El Paso, Texas: $347

Reno, Nevada: $328

San Antonio, Texas: $322

Sarasota, Florida: $307

Under $300

Asheville, North Carolina: $278

Burbank, California: $271

Austin, Texas: $266

Nashville, Tennessee: $265

Dallas, Texas: $265

Punta Gorda, Florida, $254

Under $250

Fort Lauderdale, Florida: $248

Orlando, Florida: $242

Las Vegas, Nevada: $237

Raleigh, North Carolina: $236

Denver, Colorado $234

New York, New York: $231

Atlanta, Georgia: $223

Long Beach, California: $205

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