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Travel today isn’t about just checking off a destination and moving on to the next one. It’s about collecting experiences — and returning from each journey feeling transformed as a person. Each one of these trips is guaranteed to change your life.

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21 Bucket-list Trips Everyone Should Experience at Least Once

From African safaris to must-visit cities, these bucket-list trips will make you want to plan your next great adventure.

A Trip Through Oman, Where Skyscrapers Are Illegal and Hospitality Runs Deep

For centuries, the quiet Gulf country of Oman was a center of Indian Ocean trade. Now, flush with oil money and with an eye toward a more sustainable future, it is embracing tourism. Saki Knafo explores its ancient towns, vast deserts, and winding, wild coastline and finds a proud nation at the crossroads.

10 Gorgeous Islands for Your Next Postcard-perfect Vacation

Most people think of islands as havens for swimming, sunning and seafood. And while many are, the world’s best islands offer so much more. From world-class whiskey to extraordinary wildlife, from natural wonders to historic attractions — these destinations expand the meaning of “islands.” Whether you’re exploring ancient artifacts in Paros or snorkeling the Thunderball Grotto in the Bahamas, these islands will make for an unforgettable vacation. Sun worshipers will find glassy clear waters and spectacular coastlines on the Greek island of Milos, while Paros, with its low-key vibe, wins over curious visitors with incredible granite formations. Nearly 20 hours away by plane, Bali beckons with sizzling beach clubs, beautiful villas, and world-class spas. Still further, the Maldives entrances with secluded bungalows overlooking lagoons. No matter what your desires, there’s an island to pique your interest. To help you decide where to book your next flight, we’ve compiled a list of 10 islands everyone ought to have on their bucket list. From hubs for adventure to storybook castles, birdwatcher’s paradises, whale watching and more, the islands here offer something for anyone who revels in seeing the world.

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The 50 Best Places to Travel in 2019

Ask the Travel + Leisure staff where we want to travel in 2019, and most of us will answer, honestly, where don’t we? RelatedSee the 50 Best Places to Travel in 2020 When it comes to singling out the best vacation spots and compiling our annual year-end list of the places we’re most excited about in the coming months, narrowing down the field is easier said than done. We pore over press releases, tourism statistics, and our overflowing spreadsheets of hotel openings, restaurant debuts, and new flight routes before deciding where to go on vacation. We consider the anecdotal evidence: Where are our friends and families going on vacation? What vacation destinations are we seeing on Instagram? Which places seem to be part of today’s travel zeitgeist? And, as always, we turn to our network of travel experts for vacation ideas — trusted writers, hospitality professionals, the travel advisors that make up T+L’s A-List — to see where people are actually going, and which places are the ones to watch in the coming year. This year’s list of the best vacation spots spans the globe, from exciting southern hemisphere cities like Santiago, Chile, and Brisbane, Australia, to harder-to-reach regions like Langkawi, Malaysia and the Danish Riviera. There are the new capitals of culture — Nairobi, Kenya, home to a emergent design scene, or Panama City, with a deluge of forward-thinking restaurants and bars — and the tourism destinations that are back in fighting form after natural disasters or human conflict, including Puerto Rico, the Turquoise Coast of Turkey, Egypt, and Montecito, California. And, of course, there are the destinations that we haven’t heard much about, but certainly will soon — places like India’s remote Andaman Islands, or the art and history-filled emirate of Sharjah, in the U.A.E., or the under-the-radar wine scene in Etyek, Hungary. After all, isn’t dreaming about places totally new to us — and seeing old favorites in a new light — why we travel in the first place? Here are Travel + Leisure’s 50 best places to travel in 2019. If you already know where you're going in the year ahead, share your vacation destination picks with us on social media with #TLBestPlaces.