• Bed made...check!
  • Guestroom cleaned prior to arrival...check!
  • Mini-bar fully stocked...check!
  • Wireless internet working...check!
  • Hotel staff member warming—wait, what?

One of the more notable traits of a worthwhile hotel is its attention to details. Whether it's a personalized welcome letter from the G.M., goodies for your accompanying canine companion, or just the personal touch that comes with staff greeting you by name when you walk through the lobby, it's the little things that really entice guests to keep coming back again and again.

But Holiday Inn is taking that attention to detail just a little bit further....In a new campaign, three of the hotel's some 1,300 properties—two in London and 1 in Manchester, England—are offering their guests the option to have their beds warmed up prior to arrival. Not by heated blankets. Not by hot bottles of water. But by willing staff members outfitted with fleece...onesies!

Reports Yahoo! News:

Maybe it's something of a Three Bears complex, but the idea of someone laying in my bed before I waltz in—even if I never see the person—just doesn't appeal to me. I actually like the feeling of crawling under the cool covers. It's a subtle (and yes I admit it, slightly irrational) assurance that the bed, sheets, blankets...everything is "mine."

But hey, if you fancy that extra personal touch, then this is the service for you.

Joshua Pramis is an online associate editor at Travel + Leisure.