By Peter Schlesinger
July 03, 2014

In time for Independence Day, Boston's Museum of Fine Arts has opened an exhibition with a rare copy of England's Magna Carta, one of the building blocks for America's Constitution and other bills of rights.

Magna Carta: Cornerstone of Liberty features one of just four remaining original drafts of the 1215 document, along with drafts of the Declaration of Independence and several Sons of Liberty bowls by Revolutionary icon—and Boston icon—Paul Revere.

On view now through September 1st, the Magna Carta will continue its U.S. tour at the Library of Congress in Washington, D.C., before returning to England for the 800th anniversary of its signing. In 2015, all four copies will be on view together for the first time, in London's British Library.

Peter Schlesinger is a research assistant at Travel + Leisure and a member of the Trip Doctor news team. You can find him on Twitter at @pschles08.