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The fabulous Jeryl Brunner is releasing her latest book this month: My City, My Los Angeles: Famous People Share Their Favorite Places (Globe Pequot Press, $15). It’s filled with quotes from local tastemakers aaaaand the US Weekly crowd—everyone from Molly Shannon to Usher. Here’s a (condensed) taste:

SUSAN SARANDON “I’m opening a SPiN in downtown LA at the Standard…I would like to get Ping-Pong tables in all the underserved schools that don’t have phys ed programs…we’ll build a little Ping-Pong Nation.”

LUCY LIU “I love a place called Itacho...It’s Japanese tapas so you get to sample everything. Delicious.”

PIERS MORGAN “My favorite place in LA is Manhattan Beach… I like to buy some crab salad from one of the delis [Manhattan Meats], near the promenade, then head down right to the water’s edge, so I can lie on a towel munching my lunch…and plotting global domination.”

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