A flushed group of mountain bikers pumps up one last hill after an exhilarating morning ride. Instead of a Power Bar, their reward is salad, lamb stew, garlicky potatoes, cheeses, and wine. Here at Evasion Beaujolaise, three French passions--bicycling, wine, and food--are combined with great success. Tucked into the gentle mountains of the Haut Beaujolais, a one-hour drive from Lyons, the humble but inviting inn has two simple guest rooms in a stone farmhouse, two elfin chalets (each sleeps six), a tennis court, and about 150 miles of biking trails, classed by degree of difficulty, with plenty of routes for beginners. Bikes rent for $20-$30 a day, including helmet, repair kit, route map and shower facilities. Rooms in the lodge cost $19 a night per person, or $25 including dinner and breakfast. The chalets are $140 per two nights for six people.

Contact Evasion Beaujolaise, Bonnevay, Marchampt 69430; 011 33/474-02-06-84, fax: 011 33/474-02-03-29.