Explore the history of the Roman Empire by bike.

This month-long bike trip traces Caesar's footsteps.
Credit: Courtesy of Philip Le Masurier/Ride & Seek

In 54 B.C., Julius Caesar extended the Roman empire up to London. More than two millenia later, a group of cyclists will follow in his footsteps on an epic month-long cycling trip across Europe.

Bicycle tour company Ride & Seek is launching a “Caesar Bike Tour” that will pay homage to the Roman empire and its most famous dictator.

Over 32 days, trip participants will bike more than 2,000 miles. (Or, for those who want to do a bit less, there’s the option of splitting the trip up into two parts: one ride from London to Como and another from Como to Rome.)

The trip’s not all fitness all the time. The “Caesar Expedition” will also focus on history, gastronomy, and culture as cyclists cross through England, Belgium, France, Switzerland, and Italy.

Bike Like Julius Caesar
Philip Le Masurier
| Credit: Courtesy of Philip Le Masurier/Ride & Seek

Highlights of the trip include the Cliffs of Dover, Champagne (and Caesar’s former bloody battlefields), Lake Como, Venice, the Adriatic Coast and Tuscany. Guests will be able to attend historical lectures in Caesar’s former haunts and then sample the cuisine each region is famous for now.

The trip is physically strenuous. Riders will be spending up to eight hours a day in the saddle and traversing all different types of terrain. It is best recommended for those who cycle, on average, 100 miles per week and enjoy testing their own physical limits.

In total, the trip will cost about $14,300 for food, accommodation, guide, private tours and other essentials over the month-long adventure. Prices for each 17-day trip start at $7,400. Airfare, insurance, and bikes are not included.

Veni vidi bike.

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