Here Are the Most Beautiful Cities in the World to Bike, According to Instagram Data

From Thailand to the U.K., people love to share their bike photos.

There are plenty of bike-friendly cities around the world, but which one is truly the best place to travel on two wheels?

New research from MoneyBeach analyzed over 350,000 city-specific hashtags on Instagram to find the most beautiful cities for a bike ride. The study weighed the amount of cycling-related photos taken on the platform against the particular city's size. Hashtags that were used in this research include #(city name)bybike, #(city name)cycling, and #cycle(city name).

An old white bicycle parked on the street in Chiang Mai in Thailand
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"As better weather and hopefully the ability to travel to new places is on the horizon, there can be nothing better than a bike ride," said Mike Rees, CEO of MoneyBeach, in a statement. "The Instagram data provided the perfect way to find this out, and the research was filled with snaps of bike rides up beautiful mountains or across bustling cities. We hope our rankings can act as the ideal post-COVID travel inspiration for any keen cyclists, as well as some ideas for rides a little closer to home."

The overall number one place to cycle was found to be Chiang Mai, Thailand. The #chiangmaicycling hashtag used over 6,000 times alone, according to MoneyBeach. This gorgeous city has plenty of scenic routes that take you to beautiful temples and gorgeous mountain ranges.

Mother And Daughter Riding Bicycle At Park in Chiang Mai, Thailand
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The U.S. grabbed the second spot with Miami as the most picturesque place to ride in the U.S. Not only is the weather warm enough to get outside practically any time of the year, this city is home to plenty of parks, beaches, street art, and landmarks on its many bike routes.

Paris, France took the third spot, which is fairly unsurprising since the city has been implementing many eco-friendly initiatives - so it's more cyclist friendly than ever. In addition, the city has plenty of green spaces and parks. The city has also started to ban certain vehicles from the city center.

The top 10 destinations include Beirut, Lebanon; Bristol, United Kingdom; Cambridge, United Kingdom; Barcelona, Spain; London, United Kingdom; Dublin, Ireland; and Athens, Greece.

More information about the study and the full ranking can be found on

Andrea Romano is a freelance writer in New York City. Follow her on Twitter @theandrearomano.

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