By Melanie Lieberman and Peter Schlesinger
April 01, 2014

There have been a boatload of travel innovations revealed today, and the Trip Doctor news team is pretty excited about them all. Here are a few of our favorites:

Microclimates on a Plane: Soon, passengers flying Virgin America will be able to set the temperature for their immediate surroundings thanks to a new partnership with thermostat company Nest (see video above). Expect the "Nest-controlled microclimates," with temperature settings ranging from "Cancun Afternoon" to "Chicago Polar Vortex," on Boston- and Newark-bound flights from both Los Angeles and San Francisco first, with implementation on all routes completed by the end of 2014.

Underwater Safaris on Submarines: Tired of ho-hum cruises that sail on the ocean’s surface? Thanks to, we can look forward to a revolutionary fleet of vessels that takes things to new depths. With their luxury supersubs, the British online cruise community is bringing passengers 60m under the sea for an exotic, marine safari like no other. Get submerged in 2015 - but book fast. This offer is likely to evaporate.

Search Hundreds of Bathrooms At Once: Hold it! Another company is seizing on the burgeoning bathroom industry. Kayak’s new bathroom-comparison site finds you urgent accommodations, or lets you book an extended or recurring stay. We love the competitive rates, ability to search by amenities (television; plunger; air-conditioning) and the Stool Rating. Never settle for less than 5-throne facilities again.

Flights to Mars: Southwest Airlines claims to have started intergalactic service to the Red Planet. The budget airline is charging $9,999 for the intergalactic flight—far more expensive than its earthly fares, but just 4% of what Virgin Galactic will charge for its upcoming space flights.

Offices on the Go: Need to do some quick office-work while on the road? Vacation-rental powerhouse Airbnb launched Airbrb, letting users rent out deskspace for short intervals. Better yet, earn back your coffee-break while charging someone to keep your seat warm as you wait for Starbucks to call out your Plenta-frappucchino order.

Written by Melanie Lieberman and Peter Schlesinger. Find them on Twitter at @LittleWordBites and @pschles08.