The Best Places to Zip Line on Maui — Including the Island's Longest Course

Did you know zip lining was actually invented on Maui?

Best Ziplining on Maui
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Just like stand-up paddleboarding, tow surfing, and even kite surfing, zip lining is an activity that traces it roots to the ever-scenic island of Maui. America's first zip line was opened on Maui back in 2002, and over a dozen companies have harnessed the thrill since those humble beginnings. While the act of simply zipping through the air used to offer enough adventure, companies today combine the high-speed zip lining with natural conservation and killer views for an all-around epic adventure.

In fact, on a couple of the courses on the West Maui slopes, the panoramic views of the outer islands compete with the adrenaline-inducing activity itself. Feel the momentary sense of freedom while flying above the trees, and relish the fleeting moments of silence broken only by the sound of the breeze. (And, of course, try not to look down.) While some courses are better for children and others are for daredevils only, the following zip courses are the best in their categories for zip lining on Maui.

Flyin’ Hawaiian Zipline

Adrenaline seekers needn't look elsewhere; this eight-line course in Central Maui not only features the island's longest zip line (nearly 2.5 miles in length), but visitors soar across so many ridges that the tour actually finishes in a different town than where it began. Also, participants on every tour help to plant native trees and remove invasive plants. Best of all? The adventure starts at Maui Tropical Plantation, one of the best restaurants on the island.

Kapalua Zipline

If the two miles of zipping over seven parallel lines doesn't offer enough of a thrill, walking the length of Hawaii's longest suspension bridge might end up doing the trick. The drop beneath the wobbling bridge is over 300 feet to the ground, so keeping your eyes on the island-flecked horizon to ease the nerves.

Skyline Eco-Adventures Ka‘anapali

Created by the founders of the nation's original zipline back in 2002, the Ka'anapali course offers sweeping views of neighboring Moloka'i and Lana'i. Temperatures can be scorching toward the middle of the day, but the "Zip N Dip" tour lets visitors cool off with a zip line that ends in a reservoir.

Maui Zipline

Tucked in the Maui Tropical Plantation, this zip line is a great draw for families with small children; keiki as young as five years old can join in. The lines aren't as long as the "big person" courses, but the side-by-side, 900-foot line means you can watch your child's smiling face as cheeks flap wildly in the breeze.

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