Traveling abroad? These are the best world smartphones to take with you.
Roaming Abroad, AT&T, iPhone 4
Credit: Courtesy of Apple Inc.

AT&T: iPhone 4

(from $199;
The 300,000 (and counting) apps and all the media available through the iTunes store make it perfect for long plane rides. Plus, call quality and data speeds improve considerably once you leave the United States.
Samsung Captivate

Sprint: BlackBerry Bold 9650

(from $199;
With a great keyboard, an unparalleled e-mail program, and generous roaming plans, it’s the best pick for business travelers. And if you’re in a GSM zone such as Europe, Sprint gives you the option of using a local SIM card.
HTC Touch Pro2

Verizon Wireless: Droid Pro

(from $179;
Integrates seamlessly with Gmail and Google apps, and offers fast Web browsing, a touch screen, and a real keyboard. Plus, you can use it to create a 3G hot spot for up to five devices.
Droid 2 Global

T-Mobile: HTC HD7

(from $199.99;
Running Windows Phone 7, it has a large 4.3-inch screen, is optimized for portable video entertainment, and has a generous library of games. T-Mobile’s international strength means you’ll rarely be out of a 3G zone.
myTouch 4G