By Kyle Ellison
November 05, 2014
Best Vegan Restaurants in Maui
Credit: Courtesy of Farmacy Health

You shouldn’t be surprised to learn that Maui tends to be ahead of the curve when it comes to organic dining. Coconut water, acai bowls, kombucha, and kefir are found in abundance on Maui, and it seems when these “trends” end up hitting the mainland they’ve been established on Maui for years. Maybe it’s due to the Valley Isle’s progressive and health-conscious residents, or the tropical climate that warmly invites an active, outdoor lifestyle. It could also be that island farmers grow a dizzying array of produce, and gardens of energy-laden superfoods flourish in Maui’s sun (fresh avocados and papayas anyone?) Whatever it is, there are a number of vegan and vegetarian restaurants scattered around the island, and while not all are 100% vegan, all have menus with vegan options that blend taste with natural health. Many are a bit out of the way, however, and are located where rent is cheaper.

Hawaiian Superfoods

Hidden in the back of a non-descript building in a town where few tourists visit, Hawaiian Superfoods might take the cake for Maui’s best vegan restaurant. Fill up on a hummus collard green wrap or an organic Maui kale salad, or wash down a Portobello or quinoa burger with a refreshing coconut kefir (a drink that’s laden with probiotics and made from organic coconuts.)

Choice Health Bar

This Lahaina health bar is always packed with people who care about their body. Vegan soups and acai bowls keep the blenders constantly moving, and when you order smoothies like the filling POW hana—made with almond butter, homemade almond milk, bananas and warrior food protein—you can “make it epic” by adding a superfood such as spirulina, chia seeds, or maca.

Maui Kombucha

How fresh is the food at this kombucha brewery? Every day has a new food menu and the kombucha can change by the hour. This raw café can feature vegan favorites from samosas to saffron quinoa, as well as a menu of vegan pies or raw bagel sandwiches for breakfast.

Veg Out

Just a few doors down from Maui Kombucha, Veg Out is a vegetarian restaurant with a number of vegan options. Falafel and avocado wraps accompany Hawaiian taro burgers, and Indian naan and yellow curry accompany classic Pad Thai. The breaded tofu chunks are a light meal favorite, or up the ante with a Muffuletta sandwich with olive spread and focaccia.

Farmacy Health Bar

Historic Wailuku is in the midst of an awakening, and the Farmacy Health bar is the natural infusion the old school town has needed. Bowls of healthy Waikapu poi are topped with organic granola, or feast on a salad with quinoa and tofu or smoothies from non-GMO produce.