By Ashley Niedringhaus
August 12, 2014
Best Things to Do for Under $10 in Bangkok
Credit: Tom Grill/Corbis

Every year, Bangkok draws in masses of European and American backpackers, in addition to a steady stream of posh tourists and businessmen. The reason these two opposite groups both find appeal in the city is because there’s something for every taste. Never have I been to a place where the budget-friendly food options give serious competition to the area’s nicest restaurants. Backpackers flock here for the cheap food, hotels, and Airbnb rentals, while high-end travelers are rewarded with luxury hotels, fine dining, and private drivers. But Bangkok’s neighborhoods do not discriminate. And as you wander down most of the sois here you will find an odd mix of high- and low-budget options that somehow never feel out of place together. Regardless of how you prefer to spend your money, add these five activities to your trip’s itinerary. I promise none of them will set you back more than 325 Baht, or $10.

Get a Massage

The classic Thai foot massage offered at the Baan Dalah Mind Body Spa on Sukhumvit Soi 8 is given with firm pressure and follows traditional reflexology methods to relax the whole body. A friendly staff welcomes you, and the facilities here are both clean and relaxing.

Price: 300 Baht ($9) for a one-hour massage.

Watch a Muay Thai Fight

Thai boxing is a very serious affair, and fans will crowd around television sets and radios to follow their favorite fighters. Get in on the excitement every Wednesday night just outside the MBK shopping mall. At 6 p.m., the action starts with the top match coming on just before 8:30 p.m.

Price: Free.

Catch a Movie

The price of a movie ticket in Bangkok is worth it for the hours of full-blast air conditioning alone. Most major action movies and blockbusters are available for viewing, along with several types of popcorn.

Price: 190 Baht ($6) for standard seats, and most theaters discount their regular offerings to 100 Baht ($3) on Wednesdays.

Eat Durian

You could almost walk blindly down the streets of Bangkok and still be able to find this spikey, cantaloupe-sized fruit. Its pungent smell has it banned from almost every hotel and taxi, but the Thai people, who call durian the king of fruit, love its creamy texture. Just pinch your nose and take a bite—it’s a must-try in Bangkok!

Price: Around 150 Baht ($4.50).

Ride the Asiatique Sky

Soar almost 200 feet above the city on this slow moving Ferris Wheel. Just like the London Eye or Chicago’s Navy Pier, this attraction can be a bit touristy, but the view is impressive and tickets are reasonably priced. Grab dinner afterwards and walk around the nearby markets and shops.

Price: 250 Baht ($7.50).