Best Things to do at Night in Bangkok

Best Things to do at Night in Bangkok
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A vacation in Bangkok will take you from historic temples, river cruises, and top-notch pampering during the day to evenings filled with cocktails, live music, and a seemly unending string of action. Whatever scene you’re looking for—artsy, eclectic, fashionable, bohemian, or just plain weird—one of Bangkok’s innumerable rooftops, night markets, or cocktail bars will be sure to satisfy. And thanks to the eclectic blend of innovative, modern spots and old classics, Bangkok earns high praise from backpackers and business travelers alike. In the city, as the temperature drops, patrons from the local bars and restaurants spill into the sois, and everyone from food vendors to hard-working locals seem to come out at night to join in on the fun. So rest up, travelers: Your adventure in Bangkok starts again as soon as the sun sets. Read on for the best things to do in the Thai capital at night.

Visit the Saphanput Night Market

Hunting for well-priced clothes or a late-night snack? This night market, which opens around 6 p.m., has become the go-to spot for young Thais to hunt for on-trend accessories, clothing, shoes, and second-hand items. This market sells similar styles to Chatuchak but on a much more manageable scope.

Enjoy Live Music

One of the best and oldest big-name jazz clubs in Bangkok, Saxophone Pub delivers great jazz, blues, and folk music every night of the week. Live music starts at 7:30 p.m., and the blues and jazz bands take over from 9 p.m. until closing time. There is no cover charge but expect an uptick in prices on beer and drinks while the music plays.

Sip a Fancy Cocktail

This trendy gastropub—rightfully earning the title for its Western-style pub fare—has been popular since it opened several years ago. The mixologists at Hyde & Seek have a long list of handcrafted cocktails that rank among the best in the city, and the spacious patio can accommodate large groups.

Sing Karaoke

Where the Bangkok music scene lacks in live music—especially compared to nearby Asian countries—it makes up for in karaoke bars. Test your vocals in the private rooms at this favorite karaoke bar. You’ll find professional Thai singers in the adjoining restaurant when you’re done with amateur hour.

Watch a Movie in Style

Book the “first class” seats at the SF Cinema in Central World, and you’ll enjoy pre-movie access to a VIP lounge, popcorn and soda, and a call button during the movie for waiter service. But before you get too comfortable in your lounge seats remember to stand for the playing of the Thai royal anthem.

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