By Kate van den Boogert
August 20, 2014
La Fine Mousse

If France remains first and foremost a country of wine swillers, beer (and beer drinkers) certainly have their place here. Beer culture was imported from Northern Europe to Paris by Alsatians in the 19th century and flourished in the city’s brasseries (literally breweries), from the end of the 1800s. Though one of the lowest consumers of beer in Europe, every café and bar has a Heineken, Kronenbourg, 1664 or equivalent on tap. But a growing number of establishments are now searching out smaller, artisanal beer producers, and the craft beer movement is catching fire, with dedicated bars popping up like mushrooms in arrondissements around the city. Produced in small quantities and with distinctive flavors, these brews make for a more complex and subtle drinking experience. To explore Paris via its new love of artisanal beer is to experience the city’s expanding palate and celebrate its general joie de vivre—especially if it comes in a frosty glass.

Bar Demory

Tuck into beer and sausages at this buzzy HQ for the Parisian brewer Demory. (OK, they brew in Germany, but are based in Paris.) You can taste all five of its handcrafted brews here: Astroblonde, Roquette Blanche, Nova Noire, Atomique or Cosmoblonde (non-filtered). Then, wash it all down with a plate of artisanal veal, chicken or pork sausages.


This busy Pigalle rock 'n’ roll “dive bar” has a big selection of bottled beer and draught to choose from, including Brooklyn Lager IPA. It also proposes “boilermakers:” a shot with a beer chaser. And there’s a long list of cocktails, then artisanal hot dogs to soak it all up with.

Dirty Dick

This kitschy tiki cocktail bar in Pigalle serves up umbrella drinks, but also offers a good range of craft beer, including ales from as far away as Oregon’s Rogue Brewery. The décor is predictably tropical and fun, replete with palm tree motifs, and there’s a hidden smoking room out the back.