By Kyle Ellison
December 12, 2014
Best Spa Experiences on Maui
Credit: Courtesy of Travaasa Destinations

We’re so lucky here on Maui to be surrounded by natural beauty. The scents, flowers, landscapes, and the sounds of the wind and ocean inspire calmness; the air itself has a healing energy, and the combination of sunshine, activity, and aloha are a recipe for wellness and health. Many of the island’s best spa experiences are able to harness this energy, and also call upon products and ingredients that are sourced directly from the nature around us. They are experiences that form a harmonious fusion with the island’s natural energy, and capture the relaxing and revitalizing spirit and bring it into the spa. It’s all about a oneness with the magic around us, and these experiences are able to align your rhythms with the island’s ebb and flow. While it’s hard to spend a bad day at the spa, the following experiences offer relaxation that’s just a touch deeper than the rest.

Pala‘au Journey, Spa Grande

This enormous spa at the Grand Wailea Resort is a destination unto itself; here, Roman-style baths and East-meets-West treatments are fused with a Hawaiian touch. The Pala‘au Journey treatment begins with an hour-long session on the Terme hydrotherapy circuit, followed by another hour of lomi lomi massage that incorporates healing, Maui-grown plants.

Hana Organic Cocomint Body Treatment, Travaasa Spa

This treatment lets you move from the sauna to the refreshing plunge pool to loosen your muscles, then enjoy a scrub with Hana-grown cacao and soften your skin with cocoa butter. You can finish the session with a relaxing massage using oils of coconut and mint, and then lounge for hours on the tropical grounds of Travaasa Maui, the island’s most relaxing resort.

Maluhia, Spa Montage

Algae. That’s what you’ll be covered in for much of this two-hour experience—but rest assured, the marine plant is known to greatly aid relaxation. It’s just one of this experience’s ties to the ocean: sea salt is also used as an exfoliating foot scrub, and seaweed oil hydrates the skin during the soothing hour-long massage.

Natural Hawaiian Journey, Willow Stream Spa

This spa at the Fairmont Kea Lani has been touted as one of the top spas in Hawaii—and this 120-minute, luxurious sojourn is one of the reasons why. Lather yourself in a clay body mask and enjoy an invigorating Hawaiian salt scrub, and rinse off in a shower that’s inspired by rain before a soothing lomi lomi massage.

Omakase Experience, ‘Āwili Spa

This is an experience that’s customized for you from beginning to end. You’ll start by spending a half-hour with an apothecary consultant creating an individual, personalized scent blend—in which every herb, oil, and extract is matched with your current need. Your blend can then be used in a variety of different scrubs, facials, and massages to achieve a unique state of health and bliss.