Best Shows on Maui
Credit: Photo Resource Hawaii / Alamy

By no means is Maui a city. The population of the entire island is under 150,000, and a “late night” show could mean any performance that begins once the sun has gone down. Even for its small town demeanor, however, Maui has the ability to draw talented artists who could even make it in New York City. There is a disproportionate pool of talent for such a small, isolated island, and Maui visitors reap the benefits through a number of evening shows. Don’t wear a suit and tie, however, and you can leave the tux and ball gowns at home, as all of Maui’s evening options are classically island casual. So whether it’s magicians, dancers, Elvis impersonators, or astounding guitar virtuosos you seek, definitely try to catch one of these performances for a taste of the island’s best talent.

Warren and Annabelle’s

Never before have you laughed so hard while also so shockingly confused. This legendary show along Lahaina’s Front Street combines comedy, cuisine, and sleight of hand magic in a parlor that’s owned by a ghost (really). Arrive early for drinks and appetizers before settling in for the show, and be prepared to be befuddled—especially if seated front row.

Willie K at Mulligan’s on the Blue

If you’ve never seen a Hawaiian man play Spanish guitar and sing opera in an Irish pub, then you’ve never been dazzled by Willie K at his jaw-dropping show at Mulligan’s. This Maui-born musician can seamlessly cross genres from country to traditional Hawaiian, and everyone from Prince to Steven Tyler has sung praise of his musical genius. In order to get a front row seat, book dinner along with the show.

Burn ‘N Love

Forget what the medical records say—Elvis is alive and has reappeared at the Maui Theatre in Lahaina This high-energy show recounts the time that Elvis spent in Hawaii, and the ballads and hip shaking are so authentic you’ll swear you’re watching Aloha from Hawaii, 1973.


The story of Hawaii—from creation to overthrow—is powerfully told through music and dance in this gripping theatrical performance. Dig deeper into Hawaiian mythology than you would at an oceanfront luau, and be instantly captivated by the rhythm and sounds that weave this historical tale. Also, a pig. A big snorting pig.

Masters of Slack Key at Napili Kai

Slack key tuning is a musical form unique to the Hawaiian Islands, and nowhere is this melodic, romantic style better experienced than Napili Kai. “Talk story” with a cast of Hawaii’s most influential slack key musicians, many of whom recorded an album here that ended up winning a Grammy.