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Father’s Day is fast approaching. Instead of getting your dad another necktie or another pack of socks, why not think a little bigger? This Father’s Day, why not plan a trip for just you and your dear old dad somewhere around the world for a little one-on-one bonding time. It can be somewhere meaningful for the two of you, a sporty or adventurous outing, or a place to sit back, relax and unwind with a cocktail or a great pint of beer. We’ve put together the ultimate dad-approved list of trips from coast-to-coast and around the globe so you and dear old dad can enjoy an epic adventure or two together.

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Appreciating nature at Zion National Park

People hiking in Zion National Park

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If your dad enjoys the great outdoors then there is nowhere greater to take him than Zion National Park. Zion, Utah’s first national park, is perfect for hiking, camping and for simply spending time in nature with your pops. If you’re planning to camp make sure to book your reservation early as campsites fill up months in advance. And if you’re up for it, take a hike down the narrows, but be warned: This trail is not for inexperienced hikers. If camping isn’t your thing book a stay at Zion Lodge, which is located right inside the park.

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Having a pint in Dublin

St Patrick's Park, Dublin, Ireland
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There may be nothing more touching than sharing a cold beer with your father. Why not kick that feeling up a notch by sharing a pint with your dad in Dublin, Ireland. Stop in at the Guinness Storehouse in Dublin for a true taste of history. The property, originally built in 1908, now features a modern steel-and-glass building and is filled with exhibit halls and tasting areas for you to explore. Head up to the rooftop Gravity Bar at sunset for amazing views and a fresh-pulled pint.

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Watching wildlife in the Galápagos

Isla Bartolome, Galapagos Islands, Ecuador
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Visiting the Galápagos Islands is the supreme destination for water and wildlife-loving dads. The islands offer up incredible wildlife sightings including sea lions, penguins, marine iguanas and giant tortoises and spectacular snorkeling and diving opportunities all around. In between dips in the water, take a bike ride through the island or spend a few hours hiking in a national park. The memories are guaranteed to last a lifetime.

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Catching a game in Boston

Swan Boats Boston Massachusetts
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If your dad is a baseball fan, he’ll love a getaway to Boston, Massachusetts. Yes, even if he’s a Yankees fan. Boston’s immense history and spectacular dining scene will surely not disappoint as well. Take a walk down the Freedom Trail to get a glimpse of each of the city’s unique neighborhoods and make sure to stop in at Mike’s Pastries in the North End for the best cannoli of your life.

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Golfing in St. Andrews

St Andrews Scotland golf
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If dad enjoys a round of golf or eight, there may be no more ultimate dad trip than St. Andrews in Scotland.

While the seaside town in Edinburgh surely offers more than just 18 holes it’s really not worth mentioning here, as odds are if you’re going to St. Andrews you’re going to play a few rounds at The Castle Course, a difficult but thrilling course to play all day. Following your day on the green head to the Old Course Hotel, where you can enjoy a bit more golf on its 600-year-old course or simply relax at the world-class spa.

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Following the Kentucky Bourbon Trail

Louisville, Kentucky, Bourbon trail
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We know we said sharing a pint with your dad was great, but sharing some Kentucky Bourbon on the rocks with him may be even better. That’s why taking dad to Louisville, Kentucky, could make for the ultimate kid-dad adventure. Once there head over to the Evan Williams Bourbon Experience for a taste of truly artisanal drinks or test out the 130+ brands in stock at Bourbon’s Bistro, in Clifton. If you’re really looking to go deep, drive over to the Kentucky Bourbon Trail in Frankfort. Following a few great drinks have an equally great night’s stay at the 21c Museum Hotel, which is filled with one of the most impressive art collections for miles around.

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Exploring Havana

Havana Cuba historic cars
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Cuba’s borders are just opening up and now may be your last chance to enjoy a truly authentic Cuban experience with dear old dad. From the island’s fascinating history, to breathtaking beaches and of course its perfectly crafted cigars, Cuba might be the best destination for dads who love to kick back, relax and take it all in. Take a stroll in Havana’s historic downtown, sip on a daiquiri at Havana’s Floridita, the drink’s birthplace, or take a guided tour of a cigar factory and feel like a local, even for a day or two.

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Hiking — or skiing — in Aspen

balloon festival in Aspen Colorado snowmass
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If your dad likes to hit the slopes and ski as many days as humanly possible then Aspen, Colorado is the right spot for his adventure. The ski town provides a few more months of skiing than other areas, typically opening in October and closing down in June. Head over to Buttermilk if you’re a beginner and Snowmass or Aspen if you’re more advanced on the trails. But even beyond the slopes Aspen is worth the visit for its exquisite dining offerings, hiking, mountain biking and more. After getting in a few runs lay your head at the Hotel Jerome, a 125-year-old hotel here Hunter S. Thompson was once a regular.

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Seeing Norway

Hardanger Fjord norway village
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We mean it when we simply say to visit Norway. All of it. Or at the very least, as much of the country as you can. Taking a cross-country road trip is the best way to experience the Norway's old-world charms, spectacular fjords, and modern architecture. Don’t be alarmed if you go more than a few miles without seeing another person, it’s simply the Norway, well, way. Along your journey stop in at the Grand Hotel in Oslo, a hotel well-known for hosting Nobel Peace Prize nominees and winners.

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Relaxing on the Big Island

Kona Kohala Coast, Hawaii Big Island
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Hawaii may be a well-traveled destination but it’s popular for a reason: It’s just that great. Spend a few days with your pops lounging on one of the island’s 80 beaches, surfing in the waves, hiking up a volcano, and enjoying a pig roast or two. At almost 4,000 square miles there’s bound to be something for the two of you to enjoy together. After adventuring for the day or just getting an excellent tan head over to the Hapuna Beach Prince Hotel, a 351-room resort, that shares 1,839 acres of white sand beach and lava-rock outcroppings with its sister hotel the Mauna Kea. Here, you can enjoy a great night’s sleep along with a luau.

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Hiking in Patagonia

Torres del Paine mountains, Patagonia, Chile
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Traveling to Patagonia is no easy feat, but the destination is worth the journey. The country’s national parks are simply beckoning you and your old man to explore, hike, spot a few penguins at Punta Arenas and see the vast landscape Southern Patagonia, which stretches across Chile and Argentina. Planning is key to visiting and hiking in the region, which shuts down during its winter months. Check out our complete guide to hiking and traveling in the region here.

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Fly fishing in Idaho

Fly fisherman trout fishing idaho lake
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Idaho is one of the nation’s most underrated states for outdoor activities. The hidden gems the state has to offer will provide you and your dad plenty of options for adventures, but we suggest heading out for a bit of fly fishing with the Teton Valley Lodge. The lodge offers three separate rivers to fish from including South Fork, Teton River, and Henry’s Fork, each offering a totally unique experience. Each booking with the lodge includes meals, lodging, guides, transportation and of course, beer. Each rustic log cabin is also outfitted with a mounted head or two and every amenity you’d need after a long day on the river.

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