Best Places in London to Spot a Royal
Credit: Jeffrey Blackler / Alamy

Reality television show I Wanna Marry Harry didn’t last a full season, but there are plenty of folks who’d love to spot a real member of the British royal family while in London. Former party boy-turned-husband and father, Prince William is now less likely to be seen out on the town, so thank heavens for the antics of his younger brother, Prince Harry. At 30, Harry has been showing more seriousness in his public life, visiting impoverished areas of Brazil during the 2014 FIFA World Cup, and devoting time to various causes from veteran welfare to the conservation of natural resources. That being said, he still likes to party. His cousins Princess Beatrice and Eugenie, the daughters of Prince Andrew and Sarah “Fergie” Ferguson, are often his partners in crime, and the trio tends to frequent the same handful of venues, mostly run by loyal friends of the Prince. Read on for the royals’ favorite hangouts.

The Pig’s Ear

This Chelsea gastro-pub is where Prince William is spotted quite regularly nursing a pint of British Cask Ale at the bar with his chums. Even if he’s off doing something royal like knighting a Lord, it’s still worth a visit for some good food and a cozy atmosphere. Adding to the charm, it keeps an open fire in winter and opens its cute garden in the summer.

Bodo’s Schloss

Posh people love to ski and the young royals are no exception. But it’s the après-ski they go wild for. Bodo’s Schloss brings the Alpine to London. Guests slam schnapps at gingham-clad tables and pair it with Austrian fare served by staff dressed in lederhosen and dirndls. Hit up this discotheque and hope Harry shows.

Tonteria Express

In the heart of London’s Sloane Square, nightclub owner Guy Pelly, a character perhaps better known as official best friend to Harry and William, opened a Mexican-themed tapas bar and club called Tonteria. Post-dinner tequila arrives in a toy train and cocktails are served out of Mexican wrestlers masks, because why not?


Young poshies like to do nothing more than romanticize an era they were never part of. In the case of Maggie’s (named after Margaret Thatcher), it’s the decade of the ‘80s. While a bit over the top, Maggie’s is still well executed. Waitresses wear leg warmers and don roller-skates; Duran Duran and Culture Club are the grooves; and the dulcet tones of Maggie herself are played in the lavatories.


A regular haunt for Wills and Kate in their courting day, this fun tiki bar specializes in large cocktails, and by large, we mean enormous. Menu favorite the “Treasure Chest” is served in a huge decorated box and hosts a blend of brandy, peach liquor, lemon, and a bottle of champagne with eight straws for sharing (though Harry may well have tried this for just himself).