From Disney parks to African safaris, these trips have something for everyone.

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Traveling brings people together — and multigenerational travel has become increasingly popular in the past decade. There's no better way to make travel memories than with the whole family. The A-List, Travel + Leisure’s group of the world’s top travel advisors have plenty of suggestions for unexpected destinations to explore with your family.

From cruising around the Galapagos to a Big Five safari adventure in Africa, we've found all the best places to travel as a family. Ahead, 11 A-List members share under-the-radar vacation ideas around the world you should plan once we are able to freely travel again.


"In my part of the world, it should be a place where all age groups can have entertainment, but that mobility access is also taken into account. For me, that place is Vienna. Just about every single building has been retrofitted with mobility access (elevators, wheelchair accessibility, etc). The sites also lend themselves to multiple age groups. The majesty of the Spanish Riding School, but also fun for kids with a private tour of the stables. Foodies get a wonderful food tasting tour, but with kids, we incorporate kid-friendly stops, like a chocolate factory. Adults can see amazing art, and we can schedule private workshops for kids that include scavenger hunts or even painting classes in the best museums." — Gwen Kozlowski, Exeter International


"An African safari in Southern or Eastern Africa is a must for multi-generations including grandparents because it provides a one-of-a-kind family bonding experience. Young and old will be in absolute awe at what they are seeing and doing, and as a result, excitement takes over and conversation flows freely. Spending quality time together on a safari vehicle or over meals without electronic distractions can do wonders for families." — Julian Harrison, Premier Tours

Small Ship Cruise

"Small ship cruises are my favorite travel gem for multi-generations. They offer the ease of unpacking once and the flexibility that everyone can choose the activity that fits their interest. My family has taken multi-generational small ship cruises in the Galapagos, Europe, Antarctica, and Central America among others. Our Baja trip stands out in particular. We took my kids' honorary grandma Lori on her first international trip. She had Stage IV cancer and loved whales. Though she could only walk a few feet at a time, the small ship cruise offered daily zodiac excursions for her to explore the beautiful area without having to walk. She even saw two blue whales with their calves. Meanwhile, I took my active six year old kayaking, hiking, horseback riding, and then we all met up for dinner to talk about our day. We all made great friends and she spent the last year of her life talking about her Baja adventures." — Mary Curry, Adventure Life

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"Grandparents delight in the breathtaking scenery that Scotland provides. The fascinating collection of medieval castles that speckle the countryside and the friendly people with their delightful dispositions will keep everyone smiling. The delicious local cuisine freshly caught from the nearby sea will typically get four thumbs up from Grandma and Grandpa. Bonus photo op — getting Grandpa to don a Kilt!" — Kendra Thornton, Royal Travel and Tours

Villa Rental

"As a first-time grandparent, it is not so much the destination as the environment. You need a central location for the family to gather as a unit and enjoy the children. Villa vacations on the property of a resort are best to provide all the amenities to every age group." — Jim Strong, Strong Travel


"India is a truly spectacular destination to share with your grandchildren on a wondrous family vacation. There is so much to inspire and excite little ones in this eclectic country. Let dawn reveal the white domes and minarets of the infamous Taj Mahal. For 'Jungle Book’ lovers, experience a thrilling safari to spot the elusive tiger, leopard, and sloth bear before spending the night in a tree house. Visit stunning Rajasthan — wrap up in blankets on an overnight camel ride or let the children play as local kids do, flying kites made from dyed paper. Don't forget some down time too — perhaps a tropical beach break in Goa to feast on mild coconut curies and exotic fruit. Watch eyes widen and minds expand as India enriches you and your family." — Rose Thomas, Greaves India

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"The perfect vacation for a multi-generational family is a gulet charter along Turkey's southern coastline. There is something about being together on board a boat with character that has a unique bonding effect between the generations. A shared experience, far from the distractions of modern life and TV screens, in a new and beautiful destination, which involves constant movement and novelty, without having to constantly pack and re-pack. The privacy of the private charter is key too, so that all members of the family can be just with each other, and where distractions come in the form of a choice between water-skiing or snorkeling, grilled fish or fresh meze, or a little boat trip to an ancient port or an afternoon jumping of the rocks into the clearest seas in the Mediterranean." — Edward Granville, Red Savannah

Genealogy-based Travel

"I believe the best place to travel with grandparents is related to their family heritage. There are so many resources now that help you trace back where your family came from, so the ideal trip is to take them back to their ancestral village where relatives lived before coming to the U.S. Will be the most meaningful and fulfilling trip they will ever have." — Jay Ternavan, Jay Way Travel


"Florence is a great choice, particularly in the spring and autumn. It is very much a walkable city, has something for everyone within the city itself — the food, wines, museums, galleries, and shopping is excellent. There are many opportunities to sit at street bars and cafes to relax and watch the world go by and admire some of the most beautiful architecture of the city. And you can so easily step off the areas frequented by so many international visitors and in a nearby side street mix and mingle with the locals; enjoy the chatter, games of cards, purchasing some of the most fresh produce you will ever find — and all this while feeling so comfortable in such beautiful surroundings." — Andrea Grisdale, IC Bellagio


"Very little makes grandparents happier than making their grandchildren happy, so a Disney trip is a great option. Kids love it and it gives grandparents an opportunity to bring out their inner child. Besides the Disney theme parks, which are meant for 'children of all ages,' there's a great Disney resort on the island of O'ahu called Aulani. It not only offers everything that attracts most people to Hawaii — it embraces Hawaii's culture and gives everyone an opportunity to participate in many unique experiences." — Marilyn Clark, Lighthouse Travel


"Kenya has many family owned safari properties along with exclusive family units or villas making it ideal for grandparents and grandkids traveling together without Mom and Dad having to worry about the kids.  The excitement of being on safari — along with the many hours or pre-programmed activities — help the grandparents and grandkids have the time needed to develop their relationship while having heaps of fun along the way." — Craig Beal, Travel Beyond