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Best Places for a Coffee in Marrakesh
Credit: Hemis / Alamy

Morocco might be famous for its mint tea, but that won’t work for die hard coffee fans. So where does one grab a cup in Marrakesh exactly? Although coffee, known as kawa in Moroccan, can’t be found in the neighborhood hole-in-the-wall joints, you can get your caffeinated beverage of choice at most upscale cafes. However, do note that for the most part, coffee is served European style—aka espresso sized for North Americans. If a high octane caffeine shot of coffee doesn’t work for you, do like the locals and order a noos noos or half coffee and half milk. Then linger, people watch, have a chat with a friend or check emails and scan the internet on your smart phone. Fortunately many Moroccans prefer the former options, keeping alive the more social aspect of sipping coffee and relaxing. Check out these spots for coffee no matter where you are in Marrakesh.

Café de France

Drink your coffee with a view of the famed Jemma El Fnaa square. Head up to the terrace to take in all the action. Cafe de France has been around since Marrakesh became a cross roads for caravans 1000 years ago (well, maybe not quite that long but an established landmark nonetheless).


Directly on the main street of Boulevard Mohamed V, this café is right in the thick of things in the new city. Order your straight up kawa along with a fresh squeezed orange juice for a dose of vitamin c. Newsstands are nearby so pick up a local paper or magazine and start the day with the small pleasures of life.


Located in the more tranquil area of the Hivernage near the city’s larger 5 star hotels, the quieter atmosphere at this posh café and restaurant will provide a meditative setting for a good coffee. Breathe deeply and gather a reservoir of energy before you head back into the frenetic medina.

House C Milan

Just across the street from the Palais des Congress convention center, this is a good place to have a coffee while getting a glimpse of events that might taking place at the Palais. This café is jam packed during the film festival, when you might also spy a movie star or two.


A new addition to the Red City, Starbucks is the place to go if you need the full panoply of coffee options. As can be expected, there is also reliable WiFi and you can set up camp to answer emails or change your ticket return to stay longer in Marrakesh.