This Is the Best Country for Remote Work, According to a New Study

Eight of the top 10 spots went to European nations.

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The pandemic may have normalized remote work in many fields, but not every country provides the same ease of access for digital nomads. So the network security company NordLayer looked into the factors that impact the quality of remote work and found that Germany is the best place to work remotely from, followed by Denmark and the U.S., in its study called the Global Remote Work Index.

To calculate the results, the company looked at 66 nations specifically considering cybersecurity; economic and social conditions; digital and physical infrastructure; and COVID-19 responses.

Germany rose to the top, boosted by its cybersecurity (where it ranked No. 3) and economic and social conditions (where it came in No. 5 overall). "No one has it perfect, but Germany has good enough conditions for remote workers these days," the study said, noting it "successfully balances shortcomings in digital infrastructure with high standards in cybersecurity domains."

The study also notes the nation's strength in tourism attractiveness, while noting the cost of living can be high and the internet quality score only ranked 27th globally. "There are no win-win scenarios and balancing expectations with certain elements of remote work will be necessary," NordLayer's findings pointed out, while saying Germany is "almost perfect" and "can offer many fantastic places to enjoy safe remote work."

Coming in just a smidge behind was Denmark, boosted by its digital and physical infrastructure, and then the U.S. in third, helped by its strong performance in COVID-19 response and economic and social conditions categories.

European nations filled eight of the top 10 spots, as the U.S. was followed by Spain, Lithuania, Netherlands, Sweden, Estonia, Singapore, and France. For the full list, visit the Global Remote Work Index here.

"The trend is clear — ever since the beginning of COVID-19, remote or hybrid work has become inevitable even in those companies that previously preached the importance of face-to-face interactions," NordLayer's chief technology officer Juta Gurinaviciute said in a statement sent to Travel + Leisure. "The Global Remote Work Index puts emphasis on the safety and reliability of both the physical and digital environment. It also gave special attention to cybersecurity. In this regard, it is an excellent resource for remote employees who wish to relocate or work in a nation other than that of their current residence."

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