Best Parks in Delhi
Credit: © david pearson / Alamy

Since I was originally a Bombay girl, I thought that any collection of more than seven assorted plants constituted a garden. So from my point of view, the city of Delhi has always felt like a never-ending expanse of lushness, at least where green cover was concerned. We’re lucky here to have tree-lined streets and houses with some allowance for plants, so we can get more than an accidental spot of garden. Delhi has also made sure that it looks after its parks, and we locals are only too thankful. Some spots like Lodhi Gardens and Talkatora Park proudly wear their legacy from the Mughal era, whom we might just have to thank for this garden revolution. Newer spots, like the Garden of Five Senses, were designed as a reprieve to hectic city life. If you’d like a walk in the park, here’s where you can find fifty shades of green (and then some!) in Delhi city.

Lodhi Gardens

Deer Park

The lake you see at Hauz Khas is actually part of this park, which is divided into four wings, all embodying what they say on the signs: Rose Garden, Fountain & District Park, Old Monuments Park and finally Deer Park. I’ve seen my fair share of colorful peacocks on my many jaunts in Hauz Khas, too.

Talkatora Park

Walk along these landscaped flower beds knowing that this was where many feared to tread. Back in the 1700s, this was a camping site for the Maratha army, at a time when they were battling the Mughals for supremacy. Converted into a public park, it still retains its large pool that puts the “tal” in Talkatora.

Garden of Five Senses

By contrast, this garden is relatively quite new. Opened in 2003, the Garden of Five Senses was designed to neutralize the sensory overload that the city sometimes imposes. The Trail of Fragrance is followed by the lovely collection of sculptures, and the ceramic wind chimes over water-lily-covered ponds will give you reason to stop and listen.

National Rose Garden

We couldn’t get this far down the list without stopping to smell the roses. The National Rose Garden has clusters of flowers, both indigenous and exotic, which are cultivated and cared for in the space—and some of the colors are honestly stunning. The best time to visit is December/January, when the buds are blooming.