Best Nightclubs in Cancun
Credit: The City

When you live in Cancun, it’s not uncommon to pass every weekend night partying at one of the city’s most famous nightclubs. The Glistening City’s most well known hotspots are truly among the best on the planet, and their reputations precede them. Over the years, Cancun has strongly maintained its reputation as one of the top party spots on a worldwide scale, drawing in college students on holiday, young professionals, and adventurous singles with its wild atmosphere, crazy events, and youthful crowd. In this beach city, you’ll find unbeatable clubbing every night of the year. A seasoned Cancun veteran, like me, can quickly tell you which of the local clubs are worth the open bar price and which ones can wait until your next vacation. The best haunts are grouped together in the district known as Party Center: a neon-lit boulevard lined with clubs and bars, where the party starts at 11pm and rages well into the daylight.

Coco Bongo

If you only choose one nightclub during your vacation, make sure it’s Coco Bongo. Cancun’s best and most famous nightclub is known for an over-the-top acrobatics show and celebrity impersonators. Whenever I have friends visiting me in Cancun, I always take them out for a night at Coco Bongo, where neon lasers, confetti from the ceiling, and exotic dancers keep the energy high.

The City

The biggest nightclub in Latin America frequently hosts live concerts and the world’s best DJs, but my favorite events at this immense discotheque are the glow and foam parties. Mid sip, you’ll find yourself covered in sudsy bath bubbles or neon, glow-in-the-dark paint. The City is also known for its epic, weeknight parties.


An enormous disco ball and pole-dancing platforms set the stage for this laser-lit disco. The iconic Cancun hotspot hosts some of the destination’s best bikini contests and theme-parties throughout the year, especially during Spring Break season. If you want to dance with no inhibitions, Dady’O club is the place to let loose.


Even with a 1,800-person capacity, this open-air club is packed with people every single night! Live bands (rock and roll; salsa), a cheap open bar, and bar-top conga lines encourage a late night of margarita-sipping and dancing. Between sets, take in the energy of the main Party Center strip. Get to Congo early if you want a table.

La Vaquita

One of Cancun’s newer nightclubs, La Vaquita (meaning “The Little Cow”) has quickly become a favorite among vacationers and locals alike. Opened only last year, this small and laid-back nightclub has a fun, casual vibe—made slightly more exotic with its signature cow theme (red, black, and cow print interior; liter-sized drinks in cow-print cups).