Best New Restaurants in New Delhi 2014
Credit: Courtesy of Social

It’s fair to say this city’s got appetite. For culture, art, political shenanigans, extravagance, as well as a plain old appetite of the tummy variety. Delhiites have always had a reputation for revelry. True to form, hearty meals are a part of the city’s landscape. Old timers were known to jest (or were they?) that tandoori chicken may well be the national bird because it’s found way too easily in every restaurant kitchen in the capital city. Delhi dining has come a long, long way. It’s been brilliant to see the gastronomical landscape of the city transform from North Indian to curated and refined tastes from the rest of the world. We’ve been lucky to see not just excellent execution of world cuisines but also new concepts, such as collaborative workspaces and molecular gastronomical experiments, take off. Here are the best new restaurants you don’t want to miss.

Farzi Cafe

They’re brave. Coming to this part of the world and serving Indian food spun on its head? They couldn’t have gotten it more right. With no compromise on flavor, the gastronomical trickery just adds another layer of delight. Started by the owners of the legendary Made in Punjab, Farzi Café’s kitchen is run by a chef who’s all of 26! Maybe that’s what explains the pairing of playfulness and genius.

En – Fine Japanese Cuisine

Well, they say so themselves. And it’s hard to disagree with the name of this modern Japanese restaurant. Everything from the private dining terraces, to the villa-style interiors, to the finely crafted plating of each dish—it’s all a visual treat. Even if you fell for first impressions, any credit you give the restaurant wouldn’t be undue. The food is very, very good.

Hauz Khas Social

Is it a café bar? Is it a bar café? It’s Social! Not to mix my superhero figures of speech, but this friendly neighborhood bar has turned culinary superstar. The upper floor works as a collaborative workspace, and the menu matches working day appetites. Snacking plates, small shared dishes, sliders, burgers, sandwiches, sizzlers and substantial meals. If you need a nod to food quality, it’s summed up in one word/dish on the menu—awesomosas!

The Hungry Monkey

This extensive menu is a lot more eclectic than the Modern European tag sported by The Hungry Monkey. Sprawled over three floors, it manages to be cozy without losing any of its chic edge. With the finesse of the Tartare & Carpaccio section on one hand, and hearty mains on the other—you won’t leave hungry.

Etc. – Pan Asian Café

This fine addition to the Mehrauli restaurant stretch, with its simple yet super seating areas, would have been equally fit for the King and I. Although this one’s not strictly from Siam, it does cover bits of every Asian cuisine we all love. Burmese, Thai, Filipino, Vietnamese, etc. etc. etc.!