Beauty coffee, tea, or moisturizer?T&L editors pick the best lotions and creams for a smooth flight

No matter how much water you pump into your system during a long flight, your skin will still feel as parched as a camel's eyelids unless you protect it with a layer of moisturizer. Our plane-bound editors went cheek to cheek with a range of creams, lotions, and gels that tout age-defying, vitamin-enriching formulas. Here's their pick of the potions that withstood the (cabin) pressure with flying colors.

Shiseido Bio-Performance Advanced Super Revitalizer Protecting your face with this luxurious cream is like slipping into something as silky as high-thread-count sheets. Whether you sleep or not, your skin looks rested. $60 for 1.7 fl. oz., available at Nordstroms, 800/723-2889.

Burt's Bees Beeswax Moisturizing Creme A powerful, effective blend -- including sweet almond oil, aloe vera, grapefruit-seed extract, and the famous Maine beeswax -- that manages to come out smelling like roses. $10.20 for 2 oz., call 800/849-7112.

SkinCeuticals Hydrating B5 Gel Formulated with hyaluronic acid and vitamins, this brand-new gel makes skin feel super-hydrated. Apply just a few drops, then follow with a regular moisturizer. $55 for 1 fl. oz., call 800/811-1660.

L'Occitane Shea Butter Cold Cream A cream that's deceptively simple: it feels and smells the same as the stuff your mother swore by. The difference is that it's deeply moisturizing. $20 for 2.6 oz., call 888/623-2880.

Bioelements Specifics Jet Travel Designed to work under lotion, this gel is never sticky. Fragrance-free and non-acnegenic, Jet Travel makes skin feel clean and calm, even on the longest flights. $31.50 for 1 fl. oz., call 800/533-3064.