Best Nightclubs in Miami
Credit: Courtesy of Club Space

Heading to Miami? Ladies, remember to pack your little black dress, earplugs, and Dr. Scholl’s heel cushions. Guys, life is much easier for you: earplugs are all you’ll need to be well equipped for the raging club scene of the Magic City. Well, that and your dancing shoes.

Miami has worked hard to earn its repute of the country’s number one party spot. Opening and sustaining million-dollar mega-clubs is not all dancing and drinking, though. The typical club owner oversees a huge number of people, work and coordination to produce an unforgettable night. From putting the superstar DJs on the decks, and engineering the lights and thumping sound systems that the crowd can’t seem to get enough of, the best of Miami’s clubs have got it all. For the best of 2014, our favorites are a combination of established venues and new spaces—so see you on the dance floor.

Club Space

Damn astronauts get to have all the fun. Well, at Club Space you too can feel like you landed on the moon. DJs like Roger Sanchez, Fedde Le Grand and Loco Dice love playing at the 14-year-old discotheque that revitalized downtown Miami because they can take crowd on a journey well into the hours of the morning — sometimes even the evening — of the next day. Loco Dice has broken his own record at Space, twice. The famed Terrace is every dancer’s happy place. Wear your space boots and bring sunglasses, you’re going to need them for your moon and sun dance.


The same guys behind LIV felt the need to give real music fans a little more room to dance, so they took over this 27,0000-square-foot space and spruced it up for its third time opening as a nightclub. The old adage “third time’s a charm” seems to have worked for the Willy Wonka of nightclubs that’s already gained quite the reputation by booking top-class acts that puts Vegas mega-clubs to shame. No chocolates or oompa loompas here, though—just an out-of-this-world sound and lighting system with LED pillars that swirl you into dancing oblivion.


Unless you’ve been living under a rock or hate music you’ve surely heard of LIV.

Named after the Roman numeral 54, LIV not only pays tribute to the year the famed Fontainebleau Miami Beach opened, but to that golden era of glamour. With the hotel’s billion-dollar renovation came swanky new digs for getting down and groovy. Since then, Steve Aoki has surfed the crowd on an inflatable raft, Calvin Harris has had a girl escorted out mid-set for not knowing his song, Lil’ Wayne celebrated his birthday in nothing but a robe. If that’s not enough to make you want to “LIV” it up, then maybe the dome roof beaming with lasers and lights or the ice-firing robots might make you change your mind.


Perhaps it was only a matter of time before Miami added a 24/7 nightlife experience to its social resume. Who can party that long? People in Miami, apparently. The tagline “It’s exactly what you think it is,” leaves plenty up to the imagination—E11even is what you make it. Entertainment comes in many forms and attires: from partially nude dancers stripping down to nothing but a G-string to more conservative cabaret and Cirque du Soleil-style performers doing trapeze acts on the hydraulic stage, which happens to double as a dance floor. If you have 24 hours to spare, spend them at E11even. Things are bound to get interesting.


Think of this as your house — anything goes. Dress code is strictly enforced—sexy pjs and “creative couture” are OK, sneakers and tanks tops are not.. Once inside, hang out in the futuristic hallway, living room, VIP bedroom where beds are ancillary to tables, or outdoor patio. If you’re OCD like me, you’ll especially enjoy the partially naked dancers sporting lampshades on their head and kept spotless by trailing French maids with dusters in hand. There’s truly no place like this “home,” except maybe in your wildest dreams.