Best Hotel Bars in Santa Fe
Credit: Courtesy of Secreto Lounge

The beauty of Santa Fe’s hotel bars is that the city has such an influx of international visitors. If you meet a friend for a drink on a Tuesday night at a hotel bar, you might also find yourself talking with an art dealer from Istanbul, an actor in town on a three-month location shoot, or a wild group of partying besties celebrating a destination wedding. Some locals find the tourists a little overwhelming, especially in the summer, but visitors also give a jolt of energy to this mellow city—and that energy will most likely be found at one of the bars on this list. All of them offer plenty of authentic Santa Fe charisma, but have the sort of extra hospitality and sophistication that make anyone feel comfortable in The City Different. Order a specialty margarita with top-shelf tequila at any of these bars and prepare to have your world rocked.

The Staab House, La Posada de Santa Fe

What’s not to love about a bar that’s purportedly haunted by the dead wife of the business magnate who once owned this mansion? I have yet to set eyes on the ghost, but I still love The Staab House for its crackling fires in the winter, year-round live music ensembles, and the fact that it feels like it came straight out of the mystery board game, Clue.

Secreto, Hotel St. Francis

Agave Lounge, Eldorado Hotel

I love the Agave Lounge precisely because it feels like it doesn’t belong in Santa Fe. With sleek, long leather couches and a fireplace straight out of the Jetsons, this hipster enclave doesn’t have a chile ristra in site. It’s a welcome reprieve from a town that can be a little over the top when it comes to Santa Fe style.

Anasazi Restaurant and Bar, Inn of the Anasazi

There’s not a lot of indoor space in this bar, which is a large part of its appeal. When it’s empty you can carry on an interesting conversation with the bartender, who always seems to be a great conversationalist. But when it’s full, this place feels packed. There’s also a cozy streetside patio on which to languish during long summer nights.

Terra, Four Seasons Resort Ranch Encantado

This beautiful bar north of Santa Fe is a long way to drive for a drink, but the crisp air, open-pit fireplaces, and uninterrupted sunset views are well worth the excursion, especially if you’re on your way to a late night at the Opera. Just be sure to call a cab if you plan to fully indulge in their ample martini menu.